This is what my table currently looks like.
Half the table
Half the table

You may notice a prominent accordion… Or, “accordion”.
Half the table

Yeah, if you look closely, you may notice this is not an “accordion” in the sense that you may be used to. But it is awesome.
Half the table

Thus, it also comes with interesting output options.
Half the table

The point of the other stuff on that table is to eventually hook these kinds of chips up to the MIDI output through a synthesiser (blueprints courtesy of the MIDIbox project).
Half the table

Some of the geeks among you may recognise these as two revisions of the famous (and awesome) sound chip from the Commodore 64 personal computer.

As my theory goes, the eventual action of hooking up the SID chips to the accordion may cause an awesomeness singularity, destroying the universe (which may then be replaced with something even more bizarrely inexplicable).

So it’s lucky that I’m still missing the MIDI cable, isn’t it?

It’s also lucky that I still don’t have a working fume extractor for the soldering iron. And that the tips I ordered for the iron was for the wrong model.

But it will all come together, just you wait. I will succeed eventually. And then the entire universe will be my hostage.


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