Racing path


I just scouted the terrain two days ago.

Unfortunately, I can only go as far as Skölsta. There seems to be a path that go further, but it is a very bumpy forest path not really made for bikes. This means I will have to stop at Skölsta. But this still gives me a good 6-7 km stretch. And if I have to keep an average speed of about 30km/h through that terrain, it would probably be good with a break when I reach Skölsta anyway.

Legends of map:
Train: Black
Me: Blue

The most annoying part is marked with red on the map. The red part of the path consists of some kind of clay substance which is very annoying to bike on when it has rained (me and the bike were very dirty after the trip two days ago). And unfortunately it looks like rain on saturday.

So hopefully, I can gain a fair lead on the starting stretch. We shall see.

Otherwise, it looks fair. I have confirmed that I can keep a somewhat consistent speed over 30km/h, at least on plain, straight roads. Which should hopefully put me on par with the steam train. Unfortunately, I will likely be up against Thor. And Thor has airbrakes, which means it may go faster than 30km/h. It would have been nice with Långshyttan (the other locomotive of the same type that I think they use as substitute for Thor), as Långshyttan lack airbrakes, and is therefore restricted to 30km/h.

But I look forward to Saturday. If I can keep up at least some of the way, that will be great. Following the train from the outside seems much more fun than just sitting in one of the carriages.

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