On Eurovision 2011

So as usual, I was right and most of the rest of the world turned out to be wrong.


Anyway. The only thing I agree with on the final list is a well-deserved 2nd place for Italy. But even that isn’t entirely true. They should have had first place. That would be okay, I suppose, if it wasn’t Azerbaijan’s contribution they had lost to. I still struggle to understand how that was good enough to deserve a first place.

*Very puzzled expression*

But the real travesty this year was France. A 15th place? Really? What on earth I don’t even-

*Extremely puzzled expression*

Were we actually listening to the same show, or did SVT cleverly fake the entire thing, point a broadcast antenna in my direction, and then switch to the real show when the voting started?

Or maybe I fell through a rift to a parallel universe where France didn’t deserve to be among the two best this year?

Ah well. It shouldn’t surprise me, really. This happens every year. My musical tastes might possibly just be a tiny bit twisted if we compare with world averages…

I should note that since I am a Dane who lives in Sweden, and I have a Swedish phone number, I could have done the patriotic thing and voted for Denmark. But only, and I stress this: Only if I was a total prat. Either that, or if Denmark had contributed with something that was really great. But hey, last time that happened (and we won, deservedly) was before I was born.

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