A while ago, I was informed that it was possible to bring an EU proposal from 2009 on copyright extension from 50 to 70 years up to discussion again, provided Christian Engström could collect 40 signatures.
Thus, I wrote an e-mail to all the Danish MEPs to see if I could elicit som sort of response, perhaps convince them to go sign up with Christian.

I was pleasantly surprised by what happened.

First, have a look at the full list:

I will now list the ones I had a positive response from:

Christel Schaldemose

Christel speaks for Socialdemokratiet on this subject, so that includes, apparantly:
Dan Jørgensen
Britta Thomsen
Ole Christensen

And the rest:
Bendt Bendtsen
Morten Messerschmidt
Margrete Auken
Morten Løkkegaard
Emilie Turunen

9 out of 13? Not too shabby.
As it happens, Christian Engström was able to get the signatures he needed, and only a few of them made it to be on the list of signatures, which is another pleasant surprise. It indicates that there just might be enough consensus in parliament to have the proposal rejected.
In any case, it doesn’t mean what I did here was useless. A number of them agreed with me, but weren’t aware of the current situation, thus giving them time to prepare for the discussion. One or two even thanked me for explaining the issue to them, so that they would be able to participate in the discussion.
Some of them had secretaries to answer for them, others answered personally. But I didn’t see a single e-mail that appeared to be a form letter, which is nice.

So the mail was read, and if nothing else, I managed to raise the awareness of the issue amongst the Danish MEPs. The morale? Don’t give up hope. Politicians do listen to reason at times :)

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